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Slow D's

Through a veil of fluted glass and brandishing a self-penned eponymous poem, new artist Lully makes his introduction in the form of 'Slow D's, a frantic and unpredictable rush of abstract electronics soldered into an irresistible and repeatable pop song.

Named after the 17th century French composer, Lully notes; "I am Lully because I have inherited the spirit of Lully's past. He struck his foot with a conducting staff in concert so vociferously that it grew gangrenous. A keen dancer, he refused to have it amputated, the sepsis spread to his head and he bit the dust. I draw a lot from this sense of energy and humor."

The Valley (Live At The Pool) (ASP-017)

Ardyn have taken to The Pool studios in London to record alternate versions of their new 'The Valley' EP. Reworking the originals to create arresting and intimate new versions that exemplify the eclectic and creative approach the band take to their music. Katy's vocals shine through while Rob's experimentation combine to create a special and lasting insight into how the band can effectively deconstruct and reimagine their music around them.

The Valley (ASP-013)

Ardyn are Brit brother and sister Rob and Katy Pearson, and this EP follows the widespread acclaim for their debut EP Universe through National Anthem in 2015. This year has found the band sharing their time equally between the road and the studio and are now ready with their new 4 track masterpiece.

The Valley is Ardyn’s most accomplished and strident track to date, capped by Katy’s icy vocal delivery. It’s a bold step forward, and another tantalizingly example of what Ardyn, in their infancy, are capable of.

Amy Milner
Help (ASP-012)

Written on the same piano she inherited from her Grandparents and took lessons on when she was 5 years old, Help’s dichotomy is one of power and vulnerability, a gentle calm of Amy’s voice as she seeks light through clarity underpinned by a distorted bridge that teeters on the edge of collapse.

The confidence in Amy’s songwriting comes in large part from the security she takes in that childhood piano, 15 years spent exploring the ins and outs of every cracked key and squeaky pedal evokes its own connection to Amy that allows her to write with such classic intent.

Amy Milner
Have It All (ASP-011)

Have It All marks Amy Milner's debut single, a graceful and intimate introduction that quickly displays a knack for writing intelligent and captivativing poetry. Underpinned by Amy's subtle piano playing, Have It All is such an accompished first outing that it will come as little surpise to hear that Amy has been playing piano and writing songs for over two-thirds of her young 22 years.

Jens Kuross
Jens Kuross EP (ASP-009)

Having studied Jazz at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, it likely wouldn’t surprise you to hear that albeit this is the first time Jens Kuross is sharing music under his own name, this isn’t his first outing. Being an active member of both Ry X, The Acid and Howling’s live band for some time, Jens is now poised to stand forward and introduce his music that is unique in equal parts to his name.

This, his self-titled EP is a mesmerising introduction, delivering a delicate intensity across four tracks, giving you just enough to fall in love yet teasing just as little to keep you returning.