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Paralyzed / Closer (ASP-008)

We introduced Klyne with their debut single 'Parazlyed / Waiting' back in the Spring of 2015, the Dutch duo followed that with Closer, another fine slice of infectious ectronic-pop. Ferdous Dehzad's slick productions matched by the soulful and silk-like vocal of Nick Klein make it almost incomprehensible to think that they honed their craft from the filter of the internet and the tiny village outside of Eindhoven they call home.

We've loaded both singles onto this exclusive 12" vinyl with the beautiful artwork adorning each flip side, which gives you the pefect excuse to buy 2 copies so you can appreciate both piece of artwork all at once.

Shore (ASP-006)

Recorded between South London and Frankfurt, the ‘Shore’ EP is the debut release from Sylas. Structured around layer upon layer of vocals and a number of sonic elements, those that have been meticulously constructed, revisited, put to rest and reworked back into the state that deliver their first musical offerings.

Their musical affluence has a magnetism that even before any of their output exists outside of their own hands, a chance introduction with Brian Eno resulted in a relationship that lead to the duo collaborating with Eno on a number of projects and in return, Eno featuring on the closing track of their EP.

Alchemy (ASP-005)

Following on from TÃLÃ's debut release, we're super proud to be bring you her second with the fully loaded 'Alchemy' EP. TÃLÃ steps up her vocal with the EP's lead track, backed with her trademark maximised production, layered with endless ideas but never without a coherent thread adopted throughout.

The four track EP is yet another bold and refreshing burst of energy and colour, taking TĀLĀ's love of the eclectic to new heights, once again working with Studio Moross to deliver the releases artwork and maintain TĀLĀ's beautiful aesthetic.

The Duchess (ASP-004)

The Duchess marks the debut release for new artist, TÃLÃ. The very name is indicative of female stature and confidence, traits that are embodied within TÃLÃ’s music.

Born in London from a melting pot of contrasting cultures and influences, TÃLÃ celebrates the eclectic – growing up in the 90s of Iranian descent, the soundtrack to TÃLÃ's key influential years as a youngster was a mixture of classical music, 90s hip-hop and R&B, and computer game soundtracks.

Love Jones (ASP-003)

Love Jones is the first single proper from Wayward, a soulful combination of noteworthy Motown vocals and discernible piano melodies that work to an uplifting break and release, with each layer and verse building the infectiousness of the track and working its way under the skin.

As with the single's b-side, understanding the subtleties of what is left out as much of what goes in is something that Wayward have spent time educating themselves in. This juxtaposition of vocal samples layered over more contemporary musical textures is more challenging and as Wayward see it, much more exciting to work with.

Gent Mason
Eden (ASP-002)

A London born and bred producer, Gent Mason hones in on his love of American Hip Hop/R&B and a time largely documented by way of Yo! MTV Raps with the culture rising into commercial prominence.

The single's A-side 'Eden', perfectly depicts the distorted rhythms that run through Gent's sound, constructing a mid-tempo reverberated bass that layers the backdrop to subtle hints of melody creeping in and out of the vocal line. The lead on the B-side, 'Head' is glowing and loose with an uplifting vocal melody. Another fully formed piece, it showcases the unique depth and atmosphere in his tracks.