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Count Counsellor

Henry Counsell AKA Count Counsellor returns with his long awaited followup to 2015's Disco Dodo EP with the undeniably uplifting new single Friends, taken from the forthcoming '& the Friday Friends' EP due out on Aesop / Quality Time.

Moving from Adelaide to London at a young age, Count Counsellor also attributes his unique sound to his cultural surroundings; “Being in London you are inspired everyday by the hot pot of the city and the flavours it brings to your life, which then obviously is reflected in the music we create.”

Gut Me Like An Animal

IDER are Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville, two friends based in North London whose blend of soaring pop and delicate electronics took 2016 by storm.

Their new EP ‘Gut Me Like An Animal’ features four entirely new compositions; including the polished-pop release 'Face On', future live favourite 'Nevermind', the EP's beautifully fragile a'cappella title track and 'Does She Even Know' - the first production from Aleksandra Denton away from her recordings as Shura. 

Glow Sustain

Enigmatic producer Lully embraces 2017 with a brand-new single to tantalise the mind. ‘Glow Sustain’ exemplifies the weird and exciting world of Lully wrapped up in his own brand of electronic pop wonder.

On the track Lully says, “This is a song about the pressures of wearing new clothes". And it’s no lie

Sans Chapeau

Electronic pop abstractionist Lully returns with second ever track ‘Sans Chapeau’, following in the footsteps of Lully’s debut head-turning sonic jigsaw ‘Slow D’s’, albeit with reinforced pop intent and a more deliberate chorus.

This doesn’t mean the musical mischief isn’t kept at full throttle though – with fuzzed stadium-sized synths, guttural rhythmic growls, percussion that sounds like a tumbling kitchen cupboard, and slap bass that wouldn’t feel out of place next to the Seinfeld theme tune.

Amy Milner

Amy Milner is steadily proving to be a new British songwriting talent that can’t be ignored. Her aptitude for creating a song that has depth of meaning and impactful musicality is further enhanced by her beautiful vocal; which is at once graceful and powerful.

The single voice that opens Easier is layered and layered, demonstrating that with enough intent your individual voice can be built upon and reinforced until nothing is unachievable; that the world can be bent if you want something enough and are prepared to put all your efforts into making something happen.

Jens Kuross
We Will Run

We Will Run follows on from where Jens' debut EP left off, one of the earliest songs Jens penned, We Will Run perfectly displays his natural traditional songwriting skills in conjunction with his beautifully subtle production which at every turn transforms the simple song structure into something quite magical. He expertly uses harmony with his looped vocals to gently wash over a delicate piano chord structure.

Not afraid of using space in his music, Jens affects his audience as much with the silent moments as with the more complex, multi-layered elements to create an intimacy many listeners are sure to connect with.