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Listen to Klyne's 'Waiting'

Klyne reveal 'Waiting' the second track from their double a-side single, leaving an unblemished record and quickly carving out their own brand of meticulously crated electronic-pop backed with the smooth-as-silk vocal from frontman Nick Klein.

Listen to 'Waiting' HERE

Earlier in the year Klyne introduced themselves right out the blocks with a confident and fully formed sound. Their debut single Paralyzed delivered a masterstroke between effortless and hook-laden production courtesy of Ferdous and a vocal pitched with such soulful warmth that it’s bearer, Nick Klein came across with an undeniable quality that along with new single Closer, sets the duo apart as a hugely exciting prospect for 2016.

Closer will be released digitally as a double a-side single with new track Waiting and as a 12” EP along with their previous single ‘Paralyzed / Entropy’.

Digital Release:

1. Closer
2. Waiting

12” EP Release:

A1. Closer
A2. Waiting
B1. Paralyzed
B2. Entropy

Pre-order the 12" from the Aesop Shop HERE.