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Klyne - Paralyzed / Entropy

We pride ourselves on introducing new music to people at Aesop and that usually comes in the form of completely new artists. When we cam across a track called Paralyzed from an unknown duo going by the rather misleading one-man’s name ‘Nick Klein’ back in January, it was such an undeniably infectious track that we wanted to work with them straight away and put it through Aesop. More after the jump...

Undergoing a slight name change, today we announce their debut single as Klyne and introduce them properly as Nick Klein and Ferdous Dehzad, based out of Eindhoven, Netherlands. If you haven’t already come aquatinted with Paralyzed then you can by way of a new video directed by William Smith and Lucien Follini. We’re excited to have it coming through Aesop with new track ‘Entropy’ and you can expect more from Klyne to come later in the year.

Grab Paralyzed now and pre-order the single with Entropy released August 7th.

Watch the video for Paralyzed directed by William Smith and Lucien Follini:

While both call Eindhoven their home their families and background aren’t strictly embedded so close to home. Nick’s Indonesian mother arrived in the Netherlands as a refugee and likewise, Ferdous’ parents fled a war-torn Afghanistan in the 90’s settling as political refugees in the with Ferdaus as an unborn child.

Unless you’re living in a major city where almost every element of 21st century culture is tangibly accessible, it’s a pretty fair conclusion to feel that your hometown isn’t the most inspiring of environments and instead it’s easy to explore countless avenues of inspiration online. This very blueprint resulted in Nick and Ferdaus escaping the isolating nature of their small-town surroundings and monotonous jobs to form Klyne, drawing on the endless possibilities that shaped the duo's sound and approach... that and Prince.

‘Paralyzed’ Tracklist:

01. Paralyzed
02. Entropy

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