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Jens Kuross - 'Nobody's Problem' + EP Announcement

Jens Kuross introduced himself a few weeks ago with his first track Steadier, a mesmerising looped production that laid bare his direct and affecting vocal. Steadier captivated with a stirring sincerity, delicately executed that gave the listener just enough to fall in love yet teasing just as little to keep you returning.

Today, Jens announces his debut self-titled EP along with new song Nobody’s Problem, stripped back, an untainted piano recorded so personally that a closer listen reveals the weight of the keys and pedals being played while Jens’ voice rarely breaks a murmur. “I just sit at the piano for hours and hours and hours, sometimes I bang my face against it and on occasion, inspiration strikes. I do however attempt to write songs to their completion before I ever start recording them. I'm a firm believer that if the song doesn't work when its reduced to its fundamental elements, (e.g. harmony, melody, rhythm, and lyric, i.e. just the vocal and the piano) then it probably isn't a good song regardless of how much production wizardry you manage to smother it with”, Jens adds.

Listen to ‘Nobody’s Problem’ HERE

Elsewhere on the EP, Try To Follow is an elevating dream-like track that intelligently combines Jens’ propensity for traditional songwriting yet never compromising the unpredictable. Each layer of Try To Follow’s instrumentation is carefully constructed as they match Jens’ intimate vocal, a quality he holds above all else.

‘Jens Kuross’ EP Tracklist:

01. Steadier
02. Nobody’s Problem
03. Try To Follow
04. Wilderness

Pre-order the EP from iTunes HERE.

Listen to Jens Kuross on Spotify HERE.