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Lully Is Sustaining His Glow

Enigmatic producer Lully embraces 2017 with a brand-new single in the form of ‘Glow Sustain’. Another wondrous abstract cut that welcomes you into the weird and exciting world of Lully, all wrapped up in his own brand of electronic pop wonder.

Lully's debut offering 'Slow D's' saw a welcome inclusion in a Gorillaz mix from Noodle and the turn of the year, a creative parallel of anonymity and another follower to the church of Lully. Hear both after the jump...

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IDER - Gut Me Like An Animal

Today we welcome IDER to Aesop with the announcement of their new EP 'Gut Me Like An Animal' and the reveal of the first track from the release, Face On. The band made up of Megan Markwick and Lilly Somerville floored us with the release of 4 stunning tracks throughout 2016 and with the release of this new EP the band prove themselves to be your favourite new band. 

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Jens Kuross Gives Us Eclipse Apollo

Today, Jens Kuross shares brand new track ‘Eclipse Apollo’ – the second of the double a-side single following the release of ‘We Will Run’ in October. Eclipse Apollo follows on from where Jen’s self-titled debut EP left off, one of the earliest songs Jens penned, it perfectly displays his natural traditional songwriting skills in conjunction with his beautifully subtle production, every turn transforms the simple song structure into something quite magical.

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Hear Lully's 'Sans Chapeau' NOW

Electronic pop abstractionist Lully returns today with second ever track ‘Sans Chapeau’, following in the footsteps of the Lully’s debut head turning sonic jigsaw ‘Slow D’s’, albeit with reinforced pop intent and a more deliberate chorus. This doesn’t mean the musical mischief isn’t kept at full throttle though – with fuzzed stadium-sized synths, guttural rhythmic growls, percussion that sounds like a tumbling kitchen cupboard, and slap bass that wouldn’t feel out of place next to the Seinfeld theme tune.

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Amy Milner Shares 'Easier'

Amy Milner shares her third song of 2016 following the beautiful and striking 'Help' and 'Have It All' from earlier in the year. Her aptitude for creating a song that has depth of meaning and impactful musicality is further enhanced by her beautiful vocal; which is at once graceful and powerful. ‘Easier’ closes 2016 with another slice of perfectly executed ethereal pop. 

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