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Paralyzed / Closer
Cat #: ASP-008
A1. Closer
A2. Waiting
B1. Paralyzed
B2. Entropy

We introduced Klyne with their debut single 'Parazlyed / Waiting' back in the Spring of 2015, the Dutch duo followed that with Closer, another fine slice of infectious ectronic-pop. Ferdous Dehzad's slick productions matched by the soulful and silk-like vocal of Nick Klein make it almost incomprehensible to think that they honed their craft from the filter of the internet and the tiny village outside of Eindhoven they call home.

We've loaded both singles onto this exclusive 12" vinyl with the beautiful artwork adorning each flip side, which gives you the pefect excuse to buy 2 copies so you can appreciate both piece of artwork all at once.