• Klyne
  • (ASP-007)
Release Date: 07/08/15

  • 01. Paralyzed
  • 02. Entropy

Unless you’re living in a major city where almost every element of 21st century culture is tangibly accessible, it’s a pretty fair conclusion to feel that your hometown isn’t the most inspiring of environments and instead it’s easy to explore countless avenues of inspiration online. This very blueprint resulted in Nick Klein and Ferdaus Dehzad escaping the isolating nature of their small-town surroundings and monotonous jobs to form Klyne, drawing on the endless possibilities that shaped the duo's sound and approach... that and Prince.

We introduce them to Aesop with the double a-side single of Paralyzed / Entropy, an infectious and soulful warmth that already portrays a fully formed sound yet with endless adventurous possibilities for the duo to explore.
  • Sylas
  • (ASP-006)
Release Date: 24/11/14

  • A1. Shore
    B1. Hollow
  • B2. Layer feat. Jelani Blackman and Brian Eno
Recorded between South London and Frankfurt, the ‘Shore’ EP is the debut release from Sylas. Structured around layer upon layer of vocals and a number of sonic elements, those that have been meticulously constructed, revisited, put to rest and reworked back into the state that deliver their first musical offerings.

Their musical affluence has a magnetism that even before any of their output exists outside of their own hands, a chance introduction with Brian Eno resulted in a relationship that lead to the duo collaborating with Eno on a number of projects and in return, Eno featuring on the closing track of their EP.
Klyne - Paralyzed / Entropy
Tuesday, 23 June 2015 at 14:45
We pride ourselves on introducing new music to people at Aesop and that usually comes in the form of completely new artists. When we cam across a track called Paralyzed from an unknown duo going by the rather misleading one-man’s name ‘Nick Klein’ back in January, it was such an undeniably infectious track that we wanted to work with them straight away and put it through Aesop. More after the jump...
Aesop x 22 Tracks
Wednesday, 14 January 2015 at 20:05
Head over to the 22 Tracks site for an Aesop x 22 Tracks playlist, specially curated by us. Big thanks goes out to them for asking us to contribute to their long running series. You’ll find tracks from Aesop artists such as TALA and Sylas including a few exclusive cuts including a new ones from Wayward and Gent Mason and more from our friends. Tracklist after the jump and head over to check out the playlist - Aesop x 22 Tracks.